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I find the largest bush I can on this clear, well-marked path, squat behind it, pray nobody is coming toward me, and pull down my shorts. I am confident that I killed many innocent plants that day. Maybe some small animals, too. July , 18 years old. On my way to Montana, where I'm visiting a friend, there is plane trouble that leaves me stranded in Denver. My suitcase is still in some broken plane, so I have no clean underwear or clothes or a toothbrush.

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At least the airline puts me up in a free hotel. Damn , I think, when I see this room I have all to myself. This is awesome! I take off my clothes and jump on the bed, which feels like a silly foreign absurdity I can only do alone and away from the constraints of my life as a real adult person.

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Then I go downstairs and order a chicken Caesar salad from a chatty bartender, and I eat it alone in my room while watching TV. March , 19 years old. The week I spend with my college boyfriend in Whistler, Vancouver, is one of the best of my 19 years. On the last day of the trip I take a break from snowboarding to explore the local village, and he hits the slopes alone. My body begins to ache about three hours into the day. It feels like my muscles are tearing apart from the insides and my rib cage is collapsing around my chest and heart.

I am physically overcome with love for the first time, and it wears me down from within. I miss him so fiercely, and that's when I realize I'm in trouble. We love each other too much. When I see him at the end of the day, we're both so happy, and I nearly cry. August , 19 years old. My brother is late picking me up at the Boston train station because he is buying a bike off Craigslist. My breakup haunted me.

It was like we were walking together, sharing every ounce of each other, and then in one step the ground became quicksand and pulled us apart, but instead of reaching out and offering my hand to my boyfriend, I just kept going and waved to him, shouting, "Bye! See you later! November , 20 years old. I fly to England on my college's dime to participate in a debate tournament.

I decide to extend the trip after losing at Cambridge University. I'll miss Thanksgiving, but I'm already in London! I might as well. The eight-hour overnight bus I take from London to Edinburgh smells like Indian food. I listen to the Smiths the whole time. I can't sleep. My neck aches. When I get to Edinburgh I find a fancy pizza place and eat an entire personal pie. I haven't missed a Thanksgiving since. April , 21 years old. It's raining in Budapest when Charlotte leaves me alone in the apartment we rented and gets on a train to Croatia.

I want to stay in my bed and watch movies, but I force myself outside and decide to get a haircut. This is how haircuts work in Budapest if you don't speak Hungarian: a nice woman hands you a piece of paper with nine different styles sketched onto it, and you point to the one you want. He is also alone. We get along like we have known each other for years, turning to each other to laugh or empathize throughout the performance.

I want to ask him to get drinks after the show, but I don't have the courage. May , 21 years old. When I get tired of walking through Vienna with my backpack, I find a hostel. There is a strikingly handsome German man working behind the desk. He has the sort of eyes that make me nervous and excited when he looks right at me.

When he hands me my key I give him a smile that says, "I would like to make out with you now. June , 21 years old. When I land in Delhi there's a cab that picks me up and takes me to my hotel.

Getting into that unmarked car with a stranger is the first time I'm scared in India. The second is a month later when a man grabs my arm and pushes me onto the ground, and I run like hell to get away while he chases me down a wooded path. And then I'm scared again, one month after that, when I spend hours afraid to leave my hotel room after the concierge tells me how only sluts travel alone and mumbles a few threatening comments.

I should travel with a man , I think, and hate thinking. But my trip isn't over, so I get on a train. I meditate on the Ganges River and I ride on the back of a stranger's motorcycle and I dance on the Pakistani border with new friends. February , 22 years old. Landing in Prague feels like I'm coming home, which is in part a great feeling Things I love and am familiar with!

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What if I run into people from high school and they're more successful than me? My home-stay father from when I studied abroad the previous year meets me at the airport and takes me to their apartment. It looks the same, but they have a new student living with them. She asks them too many questions about communism and eats with her mouth open.

Prague's changed, but just a little. There is a new tram stop on Myslikova Street. When I land in Boston a week later, my ex-boyfriend who I loved so much my stomach hurt picks me up at the airport. But this had been an emergency.

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Her grandfather had suddenly taken ill and because of her school, Sneha couldn't leave with them. Sneha's mother had been very worried while leaving as she had never left her alone, but Sneha assured her that she would be fine and anyways it was just for. Kendall Marie Mehlhorn M.

Cook Americans ask every day when the next intention will be or the latest cell phone be released. Is technology really that important that humans have to be so dependable on these machines? Technology, growing each day deprives the world of what was once normal; we wake up with the world in our hands improving every second, but are.

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  4. Alone on the hilltop essay
    Alone on the hilltop essay
    Alone on the hilltop essay
    Alone on the hilltop essay
    Alone on the hilltop essay
    Alone on the hilltop essay

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