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Economic literature: papers , articles , software , chapters , books. Registered: Rama Lionel Ngenzebuke. This dissertation comprises four chapters, which mainly deal with female's participation in household decision-making, a very important aspect of female's bargaining power within the household and closely linked to female's empowerment.

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The first three chapters, which all deal with female's participation in household decision-making, are two sides of the same coin, in that while the first one delves into the determinants of female's participation in household decision-making, the second and third chapters deal with its beneficial consequences. The fourth chapter is linked with Chapter 1.

In , the project funded data collection in Rural Burundi. In respect to the experimental component of the project, these are baseline data. The household survey targeted a sample of rural households that have been interviewed in and This is where the longitudinal design of the project comes into play.

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Independently from the experimental research, the longitudinal nature of the data, that is to say three waves of data , and , had the advantage of allowing panel analysis of interesting and relevant issues in development, including for example the long-term welfare effects of shocks at either individual or household levels. We show that in rural Burundi the characteristics of the female's kinship are highly correlated with her decision-making power.

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First, a female whose own immediate family is at least as rich as her husband's counterpart enjoys a greater say over children- and asset-related decision-making. Second, the size, relative wealth and proximity of the extended family also matter.

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Third, kinship characteristics prove to be more important than standard individual and household characteristics. Finally, we also show that the female's say over asset-related decision-making is positively associated with males' education, more than with female's education per se. All these correlation patterns can inform policies aiming at empowering women or targeting children through women's empowerment. Unlike this classic approach in the analysis of productivity differentials, my approach lays emphasis on the overlapping and interaction effects of manifold aspects of female's empowerment in agriculture, including female plot's ownership, female plot's management and female output's control.

I find significant productivity gaps, which the classic empirical approach does not bring out in the same context. Furthermore, the latter are the more productive among plots at least owned by female.

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All these productivity gaps are predominantly explained by the structural effect, that is differences in productivity returns to observable production factors. Our findings are robust along a number of dimensions and suggest that female's management and control rights are of prime importance. Therefore, female plot's owners should be entitled the rights to manage their plot and, subsequently and most importantly, the rights to control the agricultural output of their work, for their productivity to be enhanced and the gender gap in agriculture to be closed.

As the incidence and intensity of these events will increase with climate change, it is crucial to estimate their short- and long-run costs and the behavioural response of producers to these large and mostly uninsured aggregate shocks. I have, thus, created a new digital database of cyclone exposure for India to estimate how farmers smooth income in the aftermath of these events.

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The causality can also run the other way, as economic agents disrupt the environment. A case in point is deforestation, which is analysed in the co-authored second chapter of my thesis.

In particular, we use satellite data to study how political decentralisation has affected district-level logging rates in Indonesia. Possible mechanisms include local election cycles, the move from monopoly to oligopoly or the need to raise revenue in the absence of other natural resources. Finally, the third chapter assesses to what extent the environment can create preconditions for socioeconomic interaction. More specifically, I analyse how the introduction of heterogeneous space into the standard urban Muth-Mills model generates a residential equilibrium where the formal and informal housing markets coexist.

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essays on socio economic development Essays on socio economic development
essays on socio economic development Essays on socio economic development
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essays on socio economic development Essays on socio economic development

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