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Examinations are either entirely in written format or comprise both written and oral components. Tutors advise you closely on the preparation of written and oral work and give individual assessments of your performance. Undergraduates at the University of St Andrews must achieve at least 7. To gain access to Honours-level modules, students must achieve the relevant requisites as specified in the policy on entry to Honours and in the relevant programme requirements.

Please note that some Schools offer qualified entry to Honours, and this will be clearly specified in the programme requirements. To find out the classification equivalent of points, please visit the common reporting scale web page. For overseas students, tuition fees will be fixed at this level for the duration of your programme. Find out about accommodation fees for University accommodation. You can take French as part of a joint Honours degree alongside one of the following subjects.

It is possible to combine a degree in French with two modern languages. You can also take French as part of a Modern Languages joint Honours degree with two modern languages and one additional subject. You can take French as part of a "with" Honours degree in which the majority of the course deals with the first named subject. Modern Languages graduates have an extremely good record of employment after graduating, not only in all sectors that require advanced language skills but also in professional environments that demand good communication and analytical skills.

The Careers Centre offers one-to-one advice to all students as well as a programme of events to assist students to build their employability skills. You may also have the opportunity to participate in the School Abroad exchange programme. For information about study abroad options, please see the Study Abroad site. Completing a work placement abroad is a good opportunity to gain work experience in another culture or language and to enhance valuable skill sets.

These traditions and the choice of over sports clubs and student societies to choose from ensures a community feel amongst students from first year onwards. Within the Buchanan Building is the Multi-Media Centre , a digital language lab which students will use as both a component of their module classwork and as part of individual study.

As University buildings are located throughout the town, walking around you encounter ancient and modern buildings and areas of greenery and seaside which provide a rich, beautiful backdrop to learning. Department of French. As a research intensive institution, the University ensures that its teaching references the research interests of its staff, which may change from time to time.

As a result, programmes are regularly reviewed with the aim of enhancing students' learning experience. The University will clarify compulsory fees and charges it requires any student to pay at the time of offer.

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The offer will also clarify conditions for any variation of fees. French MA Hons entry As an MA Hons student of French, you will develop language and communications skills to a high level of proficiency through the study of French and Francophone language, literature and culture. Apply now. Entry requirements These grades are the overall standards required to consider you for entry. SQA Highers. GCE A-Levels. IB points. Do I need to have studied this subject before?

General entry requirements All applicants must have attained the following qualifications, or equivalent, in addition to the specific entry requirements for individual programmes. Reputation The School of Modern Languages has a long-standing reputation for innovative research in an exceptionally broad variety of interests including world literature, linguistics, cinema, history, gender and identity studies. Course information. Modules In the first two years of your degree known as sub-honours you will take the required modules in French along with modules in at least one additional subject.

French Language and Literature 2 : promotes grammatical competence as well as written and spoken comprehension and production, whilst further pursuing the exploration of Francophone cultures.

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You will be taught how to read texts in their socio-cultural background and develop skills of literary criticism in French. Students are required to take the following compulsory modules in their second year: Second Level French Language 1 : consolidates and extends the analytical and linguistics skill acquired at first level. In and around Paris are numerous musueums and monuments to the wars.

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Visit these as you come upon them and reflect on the reality that it is within only three to five generations that these world changing wars took place. They have changed the face of Europe drastically. There are two sorts of famous literature associated with France: That written by French authors, and that written by famous authors who were residing in France at the time of the writing. Both are important and both are worth reading. Definitely read some good French literature while you are traveling in France, and definitely read some works by other folks who traveled through or lived there at some point in their writing lives.

Of course there are countless books set in France or written about it by more modern authors. Read a range of things, document your reading by keeping a running list in your travel journal. Conduct a series of at least five interviews within a country. The point of the exercise would be to get a well rounded view of what it is like to live in the France from a variety of ages, incomes, employments and experiences. This could be conducted as video, or as text. France has been struggling for sometime now with the question of religious freedom and how to manage that within a country that is secular.

In the French government banned school children from displaying any sort of religious symbol.

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French Alps: Grenoble

France has the largest Muslim minority population in Western Europe. In the wake of terror attacks by Muslim extremists in both Paris and Marseille in , tensions are running high in France along religious divides. Ask some questions and do some observation while you are in France. Consider the question of religious liberty, as it exists and as you consider the ideal to be. What effect is this having within France, based on your observations? There are complex issues surrounding the integration of Muslim immigrants in France.

Currently 5 million Muslims call France home. Many families from Algeria were encouraged to move to France following the Algerian War of Independence from — French Muslims also originate from other former colonies, such as Morocco. Do you know the history of these countries becoming independent? How can integration of French Muslims be affected?

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How can the situation be improved, a situation which has existed for years but is particularly tense following the recent bombings on French soil? Are the anti-terrorism laws in France working? Where does education fit into this religious picture? Exact numbers are not known but around people are believed to be camped there, trying to get into the UK.

Conditions are squalid, tensions run high, within the camps and between refugees and local people.

Learn French - Places Around Town / The City (public places / buildings) - Vocabulary lesson

Aid workers are struggling to help due to the lack of infrastructure. Where are these refugees from, where have they travelled from?

What is the attraction of the UK, when refugees have often passed through other European countries to get to Calais, is it family already there? What aid is present in the Jungle? What day to day problems does the camp face? If there is an opportunity to volunteer with the refugees, consider spending some time doing so, asking questions, and learning about what it has been like for them to leave their homes and resettle in France.

What are the day to day realities for the refugees? What are the political realities? How do the French feel about their presence? Are there any good stories or hopeful stories to share? If you cannot visit the refugee camps and serve, in person. Spend some time studying the situation and learning about the infrastructure and NGOs in place which are trying to meet the needs of the stranded.

What are you learning about the realities of displaced people groups? They also produce an official dictionary. Do you know about these regional language, their history and measures which were taken against them in the past? Should they be protected?

french coursework my town French coursework my town
french coursework my town French coursework my town
french coursework my town French coursework my town
french coursework my town French coursework my town
french coursework my town French coursework my town
french coursework my town French coursework my town

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