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Rhetorical Strategies A. It was Meghan Daum who changed my vocabulary, and, ultimately, my way of thinking.

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Not even close. My parents gave me this name and hoped that I could be friendly and always in good manners. I was born in a sweet and great family. English is like my mother language, mainly because my parents do export business and it requires them to use English frequently.

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I am very close to my parents and my older sisters. I share my concern with them and do girl talks very often just like best friends do.

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Family to me is a safe harbor and place where I grow and learn. I grew up as an independent and mature kid; I seldom do compromise when it comes to my ideal targets. My …show more content…. Gradually, I became more interested in reading English books; I am most interested in modern literature such as Da Vinci Code written by Dan Brown and many others. I consider myself a lucky student; after getting the certificate, the chair of our department deemed that due to my English proficiency I could qualify to be part of a study abroad program. Even though I only had little amount of time to prepare but I studied very hard to pass the required score in TOEFL and got the full amount scholarship, most important thing-became one of the exchange students who went studying abroad in Pittsburg State University.

August , the most special and most meaningful year of my life started off. I got to know students from different countries during the year in the United States. Besides broadening my horizon, I also tried to show and explain to my new friends how beautiful and wonderful our culture is. I believe I have become a person who is more independent and mature. I can now face my own flaws and make amends of my mistakes. Besides facing my own flaws, I am willing to face all kinds of challenges in my life.

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My mother name is Siti Khotijah and my father name is Misni. My parents old around fifty years. And my father job is ex-PNS but now he is a farmer and my mother just a housewife. She is from the same university with my brother, but she is work at Great Giant Pineapple factory. Based on the member of family its called a big family, but I have a problem when my dad go out from his job as a teacher make his sales does not enough to need my family beside my study at University so expensive.

Self Introduction Essay

Before my dad become ex-PNS, he get values around three million with some subsidy like the money of private at school, the money of worksheet book, but he is just a farmer now. This situation does not make me give up to finish my study at University. Last time, I have a job to write an assignment like a paper of individual or together assignment.

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I sale it around thirty five thousand rupiahs. And I can collect all of them around two hundred rupiahs, its make me happy, and I always accept a task to finish other my friend assignment. According to me that knowledge is so important to success of life, with them can change our life as better. The last is my Community. I have a skill in language, and I am interested with the culture.

So , I the community is important past of my life. I think that I have low experience about human so, I hopes that with my chance to continue my study at foreign country makes me get the biggest experience with some community, amin. To sum up that life is not easy to get expensive thing, so based on my experience during elementary school until now makes me to increasing motivation for graduated my study at University.

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I know that my parents feel so heavy to price my education cost as long around 16 years at school, so I do not give up to always study for explore my skill in language. As I know that I am very interested with culture like dance, poem, and speech in English language. With my good habit in daily life to explore my skill in study English Education, I hopes makes my parents proud with me in future.

It was cool.

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I think that my life just for a teacher career because my hobby is teach our students. So, I feel enjoyable to do my activities in delivering information, science, and knowledge. Teacher like the other career, because the teacher was provided some advantages in our life. I can change a students low ability to get a high level in learning, of course its need a kind of method will be makes their students interest to studying about the material. And than, to realizing my long term career also have a good skill in my self.

As we know that teacher wages is not enough to suffice of life requirement in everyday. So, besides a teacher I would like to do my career as lifecadet rock member at my village. I want to optimize my science that I have to progress my loving village. I think that teacher not only teach something worthwhile at school environment but also its can be implemented in societal life which its activity author cadet.

I need speaking skill to achieve these objectives because I must be capable to speak in front of class with intonation, fluently, and accurate are good. While I explain the material also gives a motivation for students low ability. As a professional teacher, I have hopes in future to change the intelligence of society more than success in study with a high score, but our graduated have a skill to speech will self-confidence. In my thinking that the importance way to get a successful in this life is capable to makes another people fell comfortable with myself. So, it is not easy to be a professional teacher, we must care with our students and get support for them to studying especially English because according to our students that English is difficult lesson.

I must be implementation in my speaking skill to change students low ability more interesting to studying in English lesson. Beside to increasing of students ability with my skill, I also need speaking to certain our society consist to support my organization always go ahead in future with a new program. I need speaking skill to get self confidence when I speak in front of people in every meeting. I hopes to give best speech at introduce my program for my loving village. The main weakness of the essay lies in the fact that your information is too researched, is based upon the opinion of other people, and does not offer any real potential for your future because of the lack of work experience on your part.

The fact that you decided to look up a masters degree scholarship, without any employment existing or self- starter company in mind as the main motivating factor of your desire to study in Korea, makes the application questionable due to the lucrative offerings that the scholarship lists for the student. The reviewer will be aware of that and could very well decide that your application is not worth considering because you fall short on all counts.

In order to improve this essay, you need to create an ambition for yourself that the reviewer might actually support. As a researcher, talk about wanting to start your own research company and how this training is important towards attaining that goal.

The reason why you chose to study in Korea should never be based upon the achievements of other people as you indicate in your essay. Do not use researched information about the university, do not give sources for the information as well.

membuat self introduction essay Membuat self introduction essay
membuat self introduction essay Membuat self introduction essay
membuat self introduction essay Membuat self introduction essay
membuat self introduction essay Membuat self introduction essay
membuat self introduction essay Membuat self introduction essay
membuat self introduction essay Membuat self introduction essay
membuat self introduction essay Membuat self introduction essay
membuat self introduction essay Membuat self introduction essay
Membuat self introduction essay

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