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History of the Rorschach

Nazi Criminals Were Given Rorschach Tests at Nuremberg

The Rorschach Assistance Program is a free Internet application designed to assist with scoring and interpretation of the Rorschach inkblot test. The program provides a browser-based, interactive interface to code Rorschach responses and produces reports in accordance to the Exner Comprehensive System. If you are a registered user, login to your secure account to start using the Rorschach Assistance Program.

If you are new to Virtual Psychology, first create a personal account.

Rorschach Inkblot Test

It is free and easy. The program provides online access to an intuitive coding process that assists the examiner with entering the correct response codes and saves the entered codes in a standard Sequence of Scores format.

Spoiler alert: inkblot identities

The coding process is constantly verified by the program in order to eliminate violations of the Comprehensive System coding rules A Rorschach Workbook for the Comprehensive System, Exner, The RAP3 is exclusively for use by professionals and advanced students familiar with the administration, scoring and interpretation of the Rorschach test. It provides a clear interface that makes it easy to find the appropriate codes for Location, Developmental Quality, Determinants, Form Quality, Contents, Popular, Z score, and Special Scores; and produces 3 reports: Sequence of Scores, Structural Summery, and Constellations Table, all in accordance with Exner's CS updated to the latest practical and theoretical developments.

Virtual Psychology's Rorschach Assistance Program is a highly secured online application. All data remains entirely confidential: only the registered user is able to edit and delete here or his own clients' Rorschach information at any time.

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About Virtual Psychology Psychological testing is rapidly moving from paper and pencil and proprietary off-line software to internet-based, on-line testing. Internet-based testing delivers increased accuracy, greater flexibility, and reduced administrative costs.

While the plates have appeared on other Web sites, it was not until they showed up on the popular Wikipedia site that psychologists became concerned. To psychologists, to render the Rorschach test meaningless would be a particularly painful development because there has been so much research conducted — tens of thousands of papers, by Dr. Breckler, the executive director for science at the American Psychological Association, said in an interview.

Rorschach Essay

Alvin G. Burstein, a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Tennessee , Knoxville , wrote in an e-mail message that his preference was to have the images removed but that he did not think they would harm the psychological process. View all New York Times newsletters. Hogrefe licenses a number of companies in the United States to sell the plates along with interpretative material.

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That is, it is mainly a dispute about control, he said. Heilman said, adding that he was not impressed by the predictions of harm from those who sought to keep the Rorschach plates secret. To illustrate his point, Dr.

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Heilman used the Snellen eye chart, which begins with a big letter E and is readily available on the Wikipedia site. You could get into an accident.

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Should we take it down from Wikipedia? And, Dr. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.

rorschach research paper Rorschach research paper
rorschach research paper Rorschach research paper
rorschach research paper Rorschach research paper
rorschach research paper Rorschach research paper
rorschach research paper Rorschach research paper
rorschach research paper Rorschach research paper
rorschach research paper Rorschach research paper
rorschach research paper Rorschach research paper

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