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They gain strength from each other for development or when it comes to fighting together. Micro finance through self-help groups SHG has become a ladder for the poor to bring them up not only economically but also socially, mentally and attitudinally Rimjhim Mousumy Das Self-help group approach, in the recent years, has been rightly recognized as the best way of socio-economic empowerment of people living below poverty line in India and elsewhere.

Self-help groups are the voluntary organizations, which disburse micro-credit to the members and facilitate them to enter into entrepreneurial activities.

Formation of self-help group of women in India has been recognized as an effective strategy for the empowerment of women in rural as well as urban areas. Since the overall empowerment of women is crucially dependent on economic empowerment, women through these self-help groups are enabled to involve in a range of areas such as health, sanitation, nutrition, agriculture, forestry etc. SHGs are the effective instrument of women empowerment; SHGs have made a lasting impact on the lives of the women. Their quality of life improved a lot, they could develop their skills and abilities in various productive activities, there is increase in their income, savings and consumption expenditure, they can carry out any type of work without any fear, they have become productive and important member of the family, they got high self-esteem which enhances their capacity to work Rekha.

Gaonkar Empowerment of women through self-help groups has benefited not only the individual women but also her family and community as a whole. It is true that the poor status of Indian women in villages can be transformed with the help of self-help groups. According to Damyanty SHG are based on principles of need and collective action and thus provide self-reliance to women.

The SHGs bring out the capacity of women in moulding the community in right perspective and explore the initiative of women in taking up entrepreneurial ventures. SHGs have inculcated great confidence in the minds of rural women to succeed in their day to day life.

Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Women’s Development: A Case Study of the Varanasi District

Empowering is not just for their economic needs but also through more holistic social development Murgan and Dharmalingam SHG approach has emerged as a successful strategy for women empowerment in present time. The concept of SHGs has gained a huge popularity in Punjab. Many institutions such as government organizations, non-government organizations, farmers clubs, health workers and banks are using this approach to empower women socially, economically and politically.

The movement of SHGs is functioning from more than a decade. But in Punjab sufficient data is not available regarding their functioning and role in empowerment of women. To study the profile and functioning of selected Self-help groups. To know the opinion of officials and Self-help group members towards functioning of self-help groups. To assess the impact of self-help groups on empowerment of women.

To identify the problems experienced by SHG members. Reviewing the literature is an integral part of any research study. It provides a base for planning and implementing any research problem and to know what already has been accomplished in particular sphere and related areas of significance and what needs to be done further. So it is desirable to review the relevant literature while handling a research problem. A brief resume of the studies related to the present investigation have been presented under the following sub headings:.

The structure of several of SHGs was mostly of homogenous nature in term of their socio-economic background, which contributed to the cohesiveness of the group was found in a study on structure and functions of self-help groups in Andhra Pradesh in Tirupathi block was conducted by Kumaran Nineteen SHGs promoted by voluntary agency were the population of the study. The data also revealed that lion share of the credit was used for consumption purposes followed by income generating activities. Self-help group was a powerful instrument f or lowering risks and cost of lending to the poor, particularly women.

Microfinance also offered lucrative business opportunities to the financial institutions if implemented on a commercial basis.

Self Help Group

It had reached the unreached with good profit and excellent recovery percentage was explored by Shete It was found that majority of the members of SHGs were from low income group, low level of education and from joint families. It was also revealed that the groups were able to earn a rate of return of 21 percent per annum on their savings.

Gaonkar highlighted that individual loans were mostly used for productive purposes. The rate of recovery was found to be cent per cent although, monthly interest rate charged on individual loans was high. It showed that most of the states, which had more agricultural potential formed self-help groups at higher rates as compared to other states of India. This is due to the more income of people of these states. Thus, the group matures for taking loan from banks early in these high-income states was explored by Kachroo et al Bhatia and Bhatia highlighted that recovery of SHG's was higher than other credit extended to borrowers.

Moreover, involvement of SHG's had helped the bank branches in recovery of old dues. They observed that there had been perceptible changes in the living standards of the SHG's members, in terms of ownership of assets, increase in savings and borrowing capacity, income generating activities and income levels as well. There was no specific pattern in the performance of SHGs among different regions, the southern region made an edge over other regions.

Confirming to this situation, the SHG programme was found to be more popular in the southern region and its progress in other regions was quite slow, thus there was an uneven achievement among the regions. Older groups had relatively more positive features indicating their better performance than younger groups that confirmed the stability of the SHGs at the ground level was explored by Puhazhendhi and Satyasai A significant change in the participation of group members in diversifying income generating economic activities in rural areas was explored by Raghavendra Though the credit needs of members were not effectively met, the study suggested that the programme was financially sustainable.

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The members reported that they did not borrow from money lenders in emergencies any more. Resource constraint was a major detrimental factor to expand economic activities by these groups.

What are Self Help Groups (SHGs)?

The level of education of the groups was another factor obstructing structural changes. Ponnarasi and Saravanan studied the performance of self-help groups which were successfully functioning in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu.

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A comparative study on the performance of all the five SHGs functioning in Agaranallur village of Kunaratchi block was selected for the purpose of the study. The data revealed that group saving, lending pattern, financial assistance from banks was collected from the registers maintained by the respective SHGs. Group II had disbursed an amount of Rs. In addition to their own savings, it had got an amount of Rs. This group had received an amount of one lakh rupees as loan from the bank, which was the highest amount among the five groups studied. Thus, group II had lent more than 86 per cent of its funds for productive purposes, whereas the other groups on an average had lent only The study revealed that number of members in the group was between 10 They held meetings weekly or fortnightly.

The members saved a common fund which was created from pooled savings Members were from homogenous socio-economic background and had common interest. The study reported that in M. P the movement was not very old, till March 31, a total number of 2, SHGs were linked with branches of banks in the state.

thesis on self help groups in india Thesis on self help groups in india
thesis on self help groups in india Thesis on self help groups in india
thesis on self help groups in india Thesis on self help groups in india
thesis on self help groups in india Thesis on self help groups in india
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thesis on self help groups in india Thesis on self help groups in india
thesis on self help groups in india Thesis on self help groups in india
Thesis on self help groups in india

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